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RF Security Doors
  • Product Name: RF Commodity Surveillance System
    Brand: Wu Yang
    Model: EAS-2700

    Adopt advanced DSP chip technology and dynamic noise control technology;
    Suitable to installation for wide distances among doors, digital strong scanning system and digital automatic inspection function, adaptable to environment, high sensitivity, instant respond, low false alarm rate;
    Specific soft and hard tag identification technology, available to identify moveable or static tags;
    Multi-channel frequency hopping technology prevents possibility of false alarm to the full extent.

    Technical parameters and specifications:

    EAS-2700 Case in Longkou Lining Exclusive Shop
  • Detection Width:
    Soft Tags: 90-110CM
    Small Square Hard Tag: 120-140CM
    Eccentric Hard Tags: 140-160CM
    Generous Hard Tags: 160-200CM
    Center frequency: 8.2MHz ± 0.5MHz
    Detection area: ≥ 95%
    Operating voltage: AC: 220V ± 10%,
    Supply power: ≤ 15 W
    Material: aluminum alloy
    Dimensions: 1570 × 370 × 100mm
    Weight: 7KG / support
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